PROGRAM OVERVIEW

Our Academic Program

  • Academic lesson plans are provided weekly. Students will submit a percentage of work to be graded and receive formal progress  reports & report cards.
  • Standardized Testing (Optional-additional fee required)
Students will receive lesson plans for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Phonics/Language Arts/Grammar/English (depends on grade level)
  • Science & Health
  • Reading Comprehension & Literature (depends on grade level)
  • Social Studies/History/Geography (depends on grade level)
  • Bible (Optional)
  • Spanish (Optional)

 Tuition & Fees:

Elementary Students: $1,070 for a full school year

Middle School Students: $2,070 for a full school year 

High School Students: $2,570 for 4 core subjects & 1 elective 

Monthly payment plans are available!

*Maryland residents will need to be under our umbrella program. If you are enrolled in our academic program this fee is included with the academic package. 

*Some books and supplies may require additional costs. 

IAE 's Philosophy of Learning

Our philosophy of learning is based on three different groups of learning:


This is the stage when children's minds are fresh and open to new ideas! This is also the stage of development where a child must internalize and process a wealth of information that will be the foundation for the rest of their academic life. To foster a spirit of excitement and exploration we encourage learning thru music, games, age-appropriate field trips and hands-on activities.


Once children have mastered the basic and fundamental tools of learning, they need to be motivated through fun, competitive activities, and opportunities for creative expression. They should be encouraged to examine the world around them and make conscientious, thought-provoking decisions.


Students should be groomed to be academic scholars at this level. This is the stage when children are beginning to truly question the world around them. Focus should be put on creative problem-solving and strengthened morality and spirituality. Opportunities for team building, leadership skills and positive role-modeling is very important at this stage of learning. 

*These stages are not based on age or grade. They should primarily be based on individual cognitive and social development as well as intrapersonal maturity.  


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